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manuel. this guy has had an all-american type season. i thought this was just going to be kind of like the big ben play. they threw it up to see if benjamin could make a play but, for the second time, he never leaves the ground. if you're that big and they are throwing a jump ball, you should at least jump, i would think. >> brad: maybe at 24 pounds, there is not a lot of jump in him but the gators take over. they have two time-outs remaining but they are down ten. with that, the last shot, was that the last shot the noles will get? matt jones will take it wide and matt jones, nice play and cuts back in and wisely goes down to stay inbounds and he got a first down. >> todd: hunter joyer has had a
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nice ball game as a lead blocker. he has not carried the ball or a pass thrown to him but when florida needs to run the football, he has been an outstanding lead blocker. >> brad: 250-pounder out of wesley chapel, florida. on the ground again. positive yardage again. i guess when will muschamp told holly going into the locker room at halftime, we can run on anybody because we feel like we have run on better defenses this year, right now, when they need it, they are grinding out chunks. 15 yards on that one. >> todd: this is very similar to what they did against lsu earlier in the year. another great defense. they ran the ball 58 times in that game and they only threw 13 passes. and in the second half, they
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wore down the lsu defense. that is what it looks like they are doing tonight as well. >> brad: this team will be on its way back to gainesville when notre dame and usc are playing. as far as watching that game as a team, that's pretty doubtful, but i'm sure they will watch what they can when they get back home. 2:30 remaining here as we check in with robert flores. >> here is an all-american player of the week nominee. landry jones of oklahoma. he has three touchdowns but right now, they are losing to oklahoma state by seven on espn. five minutes to go. jones is trying to leave the team on a game tying drive. vote text to 34763. brad? >> brad: tank carradine, one of the seniors on this club, down and in a lot of pain. >> todd: remember, this team --
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this team lost dr. >> referee: time-out called by florida state. >> brad: you were going to say brandon jenkins. >> todd: he had a season ending foor foot injure the first game of the year. they thought they would have a rotation of the year. >> referee: florida state has called a team time-out. >> brad: that would be carradine and werner and jenkins. let's see if we can find out what happened to tank. >> todd: here he is right here. >> brad: you pray it's not a knee and that he just twisted it. >> holly: i'm check on tank carradine but in the meantime, mike gillislee for florida they examined him left midsection and
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appears to be a rib injury and took his finger pulse monitor and said we play if they need him but i'm not sure they need him right now. his backup is running well. >> brad: again, cornellius" tank" carradine, a long walk when it hurts that bad. it has been a tough team -- a tough night on both teams injury wise. meanwhile, second down and 13 with florida state down to one time-out. florida can start to ice this thing and jones might ice it right here! ball game! touchdown.
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now the gators realize it's going to be 11-1 and there is hope to play for all of the marbles. unless florida state is going to have a 17-point answer in the next 2:30. >> todd: watch this d.j. humphries again. the lead blocker. bring him in as an extra lineman playing the tight end position and drives his man and gets a second block on jones. >> brad: 24 unanswered florida points. >> todd: last year, this florida team struggled in the second half of games, particularly in the fourth quarter. they were outscored by opponent 86-59 in the fourth quarter last year. coming in this year, that was a major point of emphasis,
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finishing games. from start-to-finish, from the texas a&m game early and all the way through tonight, they have been an outstanding second half football team. >> brad: 2:33 remaining, florida by 17, looking to snap a two-game losing skid against the noles and, more importantly, the possibility, depending on what happens with notre dame and usc tonight, they could be in the bcs title game. >> todd: people were so concerned about their offense. the last five games, they hadn't gained over 350 yards. they need to step up and make plays. they have done it. >> brad: kicked down to the 2 to joyner and he is bumped out of
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bounds before he can get to the 25 yard line. we take a look at our good hands play. good hands on the florida defenders. matt elam got the first one. then it was jelani jenkins. roberson hauled that one before he was taken out of bounds. and florida made those points count on the unanswered points and the points off turnovers tonight. 24 unanswered points. wilder drops the pass out of the backfield. 14 points off the turnovers so far. >> todd: a little turnaround from last year. four interceptions by the gators
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led to 21 points for florida state in a 21-7 victory in gainesville. just the opposite tonight. >> brad: this crowd is ignited by the third quarter and filing out now, as on senior night, it's not going to be a happy night, i don't think, for ej manuel. holly? >> holly: tank carradine on the sideline and examined that right knee. he is not able to return. he is beside himself. you i saw the team chaplain have a prayer with him. he is up and walking around right now but this could be devastating news for him. he is very upset. we will evaluate it further after the game but acc championship game come up and his future in the nfl. >> brad: ice bag on the knee and hopefully he will be back next week. they are going to be trying to fight back from their second loss of the year. and going against a georgia tech team that got throttled in
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athens today. manuel takes another hit from antonio morns. morrisson. we are trying to unpile the quarterback and the guy that was helping on the stop.morrisson. we are trying to unpile the quarterback and the guy that was helping on the stop.we are tryi quarterback and the guy that was helping on the stop. florida state can only stop it one more time. they line up and try to get their offense something going here, down by 17. pass to dent and he had a dent put in him by matt elam. on monday, two night dancing final event begins. the best of the best will be performing but only one can win. find out on monday at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. not a lot of dancing in this
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game. more like colliding. manuel, deep ball on the sideline. intended for rashad greene. down to one minute. >> todd: we knew coming in to today, it was a big opportunity for the acc going head-to-head with the s.e.c. and three matchups. rivalry games. we already mentioned georgia tech got thumped in athens by georgia. here is florida state who is going down in this one. the last hope clemson and south carolina later on tonight in death valley. >> brad: clemson's only loss was to this florida state team. tahj boyd playing as well at quarterback than anybody in the country right now. kenny shaw out of bounds on first down but too little, too late for florida state.
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this is the third game for florida against a top ten team. that's pretty good schedule. that's why the computers like them more than some other clubs with one loss. manuel runs, heading for the sideline. got there. got bulldogged down in front of the gator bench. >> todd: this florida team did not play alabama but they beat lsu, they beat south carolina badly. they did lose to georgia and vl jacksonville but they beat tam too many who may be the hottest team in college football right now and played them early and beat them and shut them out in the second half in college station. >> brad: texas a&m beat alabama. south carolina beat georgia. georgia beat florida. and they are all still sitting there licking their chops thinking about what might be. >> todd: and rooting for usc.
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>> brad: and lane kiffin. something strange about that. seven degrees of separation of some kind. final 30 seconds. it's going to be a big, big win and i'm sure it's going to be a cold one for will muschamp, as his team was 7-6 last year. they are only 3-5 in the s.e.c. and now they will be 11-1-7 . 7-1 with a blemish to georgia. we were kidding around with him the other day. measuring for a first down with a helmet off. we look at the bcs standings now. notre dame and usc at 8:00 on abc, about 45 minutes from now. alabama a winner over auburn. a shutout in the iron bowl. georgia 42-10 on georgia tech and florida by 17 here in the waning moments of this game and oregon beat oregon state in
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corvallis. >> todd: you mentioned will muschamp in rivalry games. he hasn't beaten georgia. he is 0-2 against georgia. he lost to florida state last year, but he evens up that slate. >> brad: we are kidding around with him. people say your offense isn't that sexy. but he says my wife thinks i am. crossing route. james wilder jr. goes down inside the 25 yard line with a flag down at the end of the play again. >> todd: probably a face mask. >> brad: it's getting sloppy here in the last final minute. good thing for will the farther he walks away from the bucket of ice, the better he'll feel. >> referee: personal foul grabbing the face mask, defense number 1. half the distance to the goal. automatic first down.
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>> todd: good news for will muschamp and the florida gators is regardless of where they play their next game, they will have time to rest and rest. jeff driskel has time to let the ankle heal and other guys who are banged up and beat up as everybody at this point in the season can heal up. they don't have a game next week and they can get ready to wherever their next assignment will be and whatever bowl games that takes place. >> brad: three flags in a row here to end this game or close to ending it, anyway. a lot of people think that you shent shouldn't have the opportunity to play in the national championship if you don't play in your conference championship game. florida will not. it's g. and alabama. but remember last year, alabama didn't play in it and got an opportunity and won it all and what florida is hoping for and it all hinges what happens between usc and notre dame. >> referee: holding, offense number 75. >> brad: that is coming up in 45
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minutes. the game of the night. 8:00 eastern time. >> todd: the other thing for florida, even if they don't make it to the national championship game, if they finish third in the final bcs poll which, in all likelihood they will, they are guaranteed a spot in the bill clinton bowl. fountain winner of the s.e.c. championship game goes to the national championship game, florida probably is still going to end up in one of the bcs bowl games at the end of the year. >> brad: will just got it. they pour it before the snap manuel to the end zone. incomplete. we are down to ten seconds. that is a happy shower, a happy guy, as they stalked him for quite some time on the sideline. >> todd: i know his peripheral vision is better than that. i think he knew it was coming and said i'll just go ahead and take it. >> brad: as a former georgia defensive back, you think his vision would be better than that.
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he's a fiery guy, has tried to calm down business sideline demeanor because he said, last year, we blew some opportunities because we blew our cool and i told my team, if i don't blow my cool, i expect you not to blow yours and they will not blow up their chance but they might give up a touchdown on the last play and they do. e.j. manuel on the final carry of his senior night, he gets a touchdown to close the gap a little bit. but that's it. florida state drops 10-2. the gators go to 11-1. 22-yard touchdown run by ej manuel. >> todd: the players are thinking they need to kick the extra point but the officials are leaving the field. they are not going to kick the extra point. game is over in their minds and so it's time to get to midfield for the handshake for jimbo fisher and will muschamp.
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>> brad: two old friends who coached together at lsu and been friends for a long, long time. they never like to coach against each other but there you see the hug at midfield and i'm sure they will talk about it down the road. coming up next, notre dame takes on usc. season concludes with a bcs national championship game on monday, january 7th, 2013. that wraps it up for holly rowe and todd blackledge. i'm brad nessler. good night from tallahassee!
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next, a victim is laid to rest while wanted man is finally captured after a violent crime spree in san jose. >> the widening extent of damage after a gas explosion in massachusetts. and the president and his daughter take part in a holiday shoppingeded trip. >> i will never, ever get over this. >> ama: the innocent victim of a violent south bay crime spree is laid to rest today by his families and friends. a funeral service was held for the young man who was shot and killed in an attempted carjacking last friday. lawyer pettiford was 22 years old. one person has been arrested and now they have caught his alleged
4:21 pm
partner. here's more. reporter: on that alleged partner is only 15 years old. san jose detectives developed information that led them to an apartment complex in the east bay where they arrested that 15-year-old boy yesterday. the news broke as a lot of people were celebrating the life of the 22-year-old man who was killed. >> hugs and tears outside the campbell funeral home where dozens of friends and family members shared memories of 22-year-old rory park pettiford, the young man caught null the san jose crime spree. >> i will never ever get over this, but he was just a friend, i would never get over it. he was a special person. not just a son, but as a person. >> every day i have to stop and think about how i miss him. how i can't believe this is true. reporter: friday night last week he was shot to death as two masked men tried to car jack him at the 7-eleven store.
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the gunman also shot and wounded a san jose officer after committing armed robberies at four local businesses. jonathan wilbanks was arrested after a short manhunt but his also partner was on the loose until yesterday afternoon. that person is a 15-year-old boy from san jose who was arrested at an apartment complex in concord. police have no information on the concord connection or the relationship between the man and the teenager. >> that's undetermined. nothing that either one of them provided, at least the investigators shared with me. reporter: rory's brother announced the arrest of the 15-year-old at the memorial service today. >> me and rory group up with members of the san jose police force, and and when they pound -- found out this was his vigil, they pulled out he the
4:23 pm
stops. >> rory's father talked about the 15-year-old suspect. >> i know you're probably grieving also, because not only did they take rory's life but they took their own life and my priors go out to them. reporter: jonathan wilbanks is in charm on a murder charge that makes him eligible for the death penalty. the teenager is in juvenile hall, facing homicide and robbery charges. the d.a. will determine if the boy will be tried as an adult. police are not talking bat motive and say the $20,000 reward will not be handed out. >> ama: a violent house party in san jose injured two police officers and sent more than 40 people to jail. police responded to calls of shotteds fired around 11 last night. officers were pelted by bottles and other objects when they arrived. one injured policeman was nearly
4:24 pm
dragged into the backyard by someone. 33 adults and nine juveniles were arrested. one woman told us it was the officers that were aggressive. >> they told me to come outside with my hand up, and i did. and they had me walk towards them. they pushed me on the wall and then they handcuffed me. >> ama: it took 60 officers to get things under control. the last of the party-goers surrendered this morning. >> a burger king evacuated because of a fire. the customers and employees were forced to wait outside while firefighters put out the flames. they don't know how it started. man rescued from a drain pipe is expected to be okay. a new picture from the scene shows how crews had to remove the homeless man from the 12-inch point. -- 12-inch pipe. someone called police witha
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muffled cry for help. crews got him free just after midnight. he says he sleeps in the storm basesen that holds the pipe to keep warm. >> an update now to a story abc-7 first brought you at 11:00 last night. a pilot who died in a small plane crash in calaveras county is identified as danville man, russell hackler died in the crash. this is the scene of the crash near. >> alan: address, -- near san andreas. he was the only one on board. the faa and other agents are looking into what caused the crash. >> the investigation continues into the cause of an accident on highway 101 in palo alto that killed two summarize and injured four other family members. investigators are not ruling out the possibility the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. the family was shopping for gifts to take to them to india.
4:26 pm
as they returned home just before sunrise, the family's suv drifted off the road and hit the back of a chp car on 101. the chp officer, who pulled off the however to help a driver change a flat tire, suffered minor injuries. the sisters who died were 24 years old and 20 years old. injured is a third sister, and an underage sister whose name was not row leased. their father and his wife. a flash fire broke out inside u.s. state department today, injuring four people, one critically. officials say the fire started in the ductwork. workers were able to put out the fire before firefighters arrived. there were few federal employees the building because of the holiday weekend. >> right now building inspectors in massachusetts are trying to dherm extent of the damage caused by an explosion. the blast destroyed a strip club
4:27 pm
friday in springfield and 41 other buildings. it injured 18 people, including some first responders. the blast was an our after gas company workers were called in to investigate a gas leak. you can see the remains of the site today. people say they were terrified when it happened. >> the end of the world. i just seen everybody running with their kids, and the glass shattered. very scary. >> we were thrown into the yard. we were trying to run away. the floor came up. just like a little tidal wave. >> the entire entertainment district is closed off while inspectors demeanor how safe the buildings are. >> ama: president barack obama and his daughters took part in small business saturday by shopping at a book store this afternoon. the president and his daughters spent roughly 20 minutes inside the store and talked to locals. the president reportedly brought a shopping list on his blackberry, the white house says the family bought 15 childrens books that will be given as gifts to family members.
4:28 pm
this is the second year the president has visited a book store for small business saturday, and he is not the only one out shopping today in support of his community. >> have to be taken care of. reporter: berkeley shop owner randy brewer begins the day prepping his store for his customers and their families. knowing those small touches make a big difference. >> we want people to invest in the community, which we feel they dewhen they shop store. >> this is the store's second year participating in small business saturday. just across the street arc toys is part of the project for the first time and is offering an incentive for customers who spend locally. >> you can get a free thomas train and a u.s.a. map or a little bear. they're really cute, and it's
4:29 pm
good if you weren't thinking about an extra gift for somebody. >> american express is offering a $25 statement credit to card holders who first register their card and then spend at least $25 at participating mall businesses. >> we're get giving an extra 10% off to shop here. >> some shoppers don't need that added perk. she says every day should be a small business day. >> i always shop local limp it's always good to shop locally. >> it's go to have variety of shops, and to meet quirky people and not have people who have strict business regulations. reporter: small businesses are having a harder time. big box stores can destroy small businesses so by putting back into us and the community, you're helping out, you're helping a small mom and bob businesses purr vie. >> if you weren't able to get out today you're encouraged to support small business on cyber monday.
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>> ama: now that holiday shopping is in full swing, we'll have a look at the hottest gifts. ahead, the items most in demand this year. it includes a blast from the past. >> why some people got a bit crabby after a power outage today at one of san francisco's top tourist spots. >> leigh: the weather is spectacular. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. enjoy it because rain, storming conditions, return next
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>> a power out yang today struck some of san francisco's most popular tourist debt nations. power was knocked out to nearly 2100 customers. one concern was keeping the fresh local crabs alive. the tanks lost power and the refridge -- refrigeration system was out as well. >> some customers were understanding, some walked off in a huff. whether they choose to come back its their choice. this is not a positive. >> lights were out in the effected areas. crews were able to restore power in 90 minutes but some 59 customers remain without par right now. pg&e expects it to be back on by 6:00 tonight. pg&e blames the outage on an underground switch failure.
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>> actor larry hagman started out as a nice guy in eye dream of jeanie, and but was best remembered to from -- as the oil man in dallas. >> who shot j.r.? one of the greatest cliff hangers in tv history. larry hagman played j.r. ewing on the landmark primetime soap opera, dallas. >> don't come in the closer. >> he was the con knifing elder son and businessman that everyone loved to hate. >> i'm going to bring bobby down. i'm going to cut him out if i have to destroy ewing oil to do it. >> hagman is the only cast member to appear in all 35 episodes from 1978 to 1991. >> what are you doing here? >> just this year hagman
4:35 pm
reprized his signature role. >> i just came by congratulate yaw. tnt launched its own version of dallas. at one time hagman was auctioning off some memorabilia. >> you have more hats up for auction than most women have shoes. >> atthe people know you collect hats, they send you halts from all over the world. >> hagman was was a self-confessed heavy drinker and smoker. he needed a liver transplant and then worked for the great american smokeout. >> i know that -- they call me and say, hey ex-stopped smoking because i sow you. >> come on, jeanie. >> did you say something, master? >> being barbara eden's master was hagman's first big break. it still airs in reruns all over the world. >> you please me very much. you're perfect. >> the family told -- said the
4:36 pm
actor was home in dallas and he passed peace flow, surround surrounded by loved ones, including patrick duffy and linda gray. >> in recent years, hagman appeared on the big screen in films like nixon and primary colors. >> the sports world is mourning the death of boxer hector camacho. he was taken off life support several days after being shot in the head in pakistan pakistan. -- puerto rico. he was declared brain dead on thursday. police have not disclosed a possible motive. he was 50. stock top police are searching for the people who assaulted a woman with a pumpkin. they say the 3551-year-old woman was walking on thanksgiving night when a car drove and i someone inside launched a large pumpkin at her. she was taken to the hospital.
4:37 pm
the car was moving fast up in that the pumpkin became a dangerous weapon. >> you throw anything out of a vehicle and hit someone or something, that's a crime. and obviously what happened caused injury to a person who was just walking across the street. >> ama: police say anyone arrested will face assault with a deadly weapon charge. >> it will be a few days before there are firm numbers but early reports about black friday spending are mixed. wal-mart is calling its start, quote, the best ever. the world's largest retailer estimates it sold some 5,000 items per second in the four hours from the time doors opened at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving until midnight. a report from retail technology companies, shopper track, finds consumers spent $11.2 billion at stores nationwide. that's actually down 1.8% from last year. so what are the top sellers this holiday season? here's a look. reporter: it was pretty hard to ignore the deals, and the new gadgets, like you're own clone.
4:38 pm
apple playing hard to get, wouldn't announce their deals until friday morning. fashion ipads, ipods, and to compete with stores and target offering as much as $60 gift cards with the purchase of certain ipads, and some deals, like at best buy, were announced via twitter. so what were the big sellers this year? >> prity similar to last year. electronics, video games, tvs. >> the most popular deal was a adviceow 18-inch tv for $688 at wal-mart. target staffers tell us board games. furbys is back. along with traditional favorites. barbie, also hard to keep stocked. some believe this year's top ticket item. watch tv and play games all at the same time. >> they make them -- they find
4:39 pm
out something else is wonderful they need to have or make as great gift for someone else. >> gathering images from above isn't for the cia or the pent can go. this copter is marked with cameras that can film above and below. sorry, no major price slashing year but brookstone says they're flying off the shelves. >> with sales starting early, cyber monday may be a thing of the past. wal-mart says they'll start to map prices from november 1st november 1st through christmas day. >> ama: people getting out and shopping. the weather cooperate be better, leigh. >> leigh: it has just been terrific, also for traveling across the state this holiday weekend, and for those who may be heading back across the state, tomorrow looks like a good travel day as well. high definition mt. tamalpais camera showing mainly clear sky across the bay area. san francisco right there, and
4:40 pm
live doppler 7 hd starting to pick up on a few low clouds just off the coast. getting into more of a northerly wind flow. there they are. and some some of these clouds wl move inland overnight tonight. start to spill in towards san francisco, and as well as the peninsula, over towards the east bay. so, keep that in mind. we'll look for the north to northwest winds to bring us more of an onshore wind component. so look for the development of fog. we're still in the 60s. 65, san rafael, 64, san francisco, antioch, 67. 66 in livermore. 65 in san jose. temperatures today up from yesterday. down this hour. by six degrees in half moon bay, up by two in san rafael. fairfield, livermore, and even a little down in san jose by three degrees. thanks to those onshore winds moving in. so, here's a look at the forecast. patchy dense fog overnight. gradual cooling the next few days, and then get ready for a
4:41 pm
stormy, rainy pattern to return to the bay area as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday. lows tonight, a little warmer as the clouds will start to thicken a little bit. san rafael, 42. 40 for napa. watch out for pockets of dense fog here and there. temperatures inland in the low 40s. 44 for san jose, and if you have to travel tomorrow morning, overnight tonight we'll see a little dense valley fog developing there, and it will be dense in some spots the next few mourning, -- morningings you can see the clouds moving in. the setup for the next couple days, high pressure keeping the storm track to north so you can bank on hazy sun, cooler for sunday, and then tuesday and wednesday, that's when that jet stream is going to drop over the bay area and allow a series of storm systems to move in. expect rain and wind to return
4:42 pm
wednesday, thursday, and a large storm right now will move in next friday. so, if you're out putting holiday decorations up, make sure you nail them down because the wind is going to be a big factor, especially wednesday, thursday, friday. highs tomorrow, terrific day. once again, slightly cooler. 58, santa rosa. 54, san francisco. antioch, 65. 66, san jose. temperatures hovering near 70, gilroy, watsonville. the accuweather seven-day forecast will gradually start to cool as we head into sunday and monday. storm one brings us rain and wind on wednesday, brief break on thursday, thursday night and friday, a stronger storm moves in, and that lingers into saturday. so we've enjoyed this string of mild temperatures but get ready, old man winter is going to be moving in by mid-week. >> ama: mike shumann is here with sports and it's rivalry weekend. >> mike: stanford and ucla
4:43 pm
battling as we speak. stanford needing a win. oregon ran all over oregon state in the civil war. details of both
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
>> mike: ucla hosting stanford. if stanford wins they face off next week in the pac-12 title game. the bruins win, oregon and ucla will battle for the same title. to the rose bowl, stanford beaten ucla in three straight games. kevin hogan, finds the receiver terrell wide open in the end zone, great start for the cardinal.
4:46 pm
the bruins battle back. hundley on the scramble. finds evans. got some speed. going to go 71-yard before getting tackled at the ten. bruins in business. huppedley finds the end sew e zone. 7-7. stanford right now leads 14-7 in the second quarter, we'll have highlights for you on after the game. >> it's rivalry week around the nation. oregon hosted by oregon state in the civil war. ducks put on a rushing clinic, quarterback marcus mariota, up the middle and gone. touchdown. oregon up 6-0, after a failed two-point conversion. big game for oregon's thomas. three t.d.'s. ducks on top 34-17. oregon ran for 430 yards, 198 from kenyan barner, also added two touchdowns. ducks crush the beavers, 48-24 the final.
4:47 pm
>> second ranked alabama hosting state rival auburn. the crimson tide need a win and they'll face georgia next week for the sec title and perhaps a shot at the national championship game. bama fans, treated to a blowout. and we're just going to have to give you the score, 49-0 the final. they'll face georgia in the sec title game. now, let's go to georgia. they did their part, hammered georgia tech in their season finale. bulldogs, marshall rap -- ran for 66 yards. four touchdowns on the ground for georgia. 21-3. third quarter, murray, one of his two tds. georgia wins big, 42-10. finished the season 11-1, and will battle bama for the sec title with the winner probably going on to the national championship game. things got chip before the start of michigan-ohio state. one wolverine slapped a buckeye in the head. second quarter, denard rob boundaryson at quarterback. he is gone.
4:48 pm
67 yards for the go, ahead score. he had 122 yards on ten carries. a couple of late field goals gave ohio state the lead, less hand5:00 to go, and devin gardner is intercepted, and urban meyer will get the gait -- gait -- gait you're -- gatorade bath. they're ineligible for poles due to inphotographics last season. >> 49ers and raiders on the road tomorrow. raiders in cincinnati, 49ers in new orleans. the saints looking for payback. niners knocked them out of knost season last year.
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>> mike: the miners coming off a huge win over the bears and the schedule doesn't get any easier. they head to new orleans. we still aren't sure who will start at quarterback but my bet is colin kaepernick. saints are last in defense. offense ranked last. the saints have won five or of their last six after starting 4-0, and coach harbaugh knows on sunday, stats and rankings don't matter. >> every week is its own game, its own sprint. this week is its own challenge.
4:52 pm
and they're playing high level football on the defensive side of the ball. a lot of respect for their team. >> mike: the raiders playing the bengals in cincinnati. the palmer has thrown the ball 146 times in the last three games, all losses in order to win games you need to have a balanced offense, mixing throws with the run. >> it's extremely important. we have to be able to have a balanced offense. when you throw the football that many time, we have to have balance, have to be able to run the football. we have to make things -- the thing we got to do this week is finish. >> mike: raiders 10:00 a.m. kickoff. and notre dame and usc right here on deck on abc-7, and stick around for "after the game". >> ama: still to come, a
4:53 pm
revolutionary procedure that give a dog's legs new life. nose cells have helped a paralyzed dog to walk again. >> snow comes to the north bay but not everybody is so
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
>> ama: a pioneering treatment for spinal injuries has helped a paralyzed dog walk again. he injured his spine in 2008. couldn't move his hind legs. scientists took cells from his nose and injected them into this damaged spinal cord. he started walking with a
4:56 pm
harness and then was able to walk on his own. >> when they're in the nose, they usually help nerve fibers to grow from the nose into the brain. and so the idea is when you transform them into its own cord or anywhere else, they might also help new next fibers to go from one place to another. >> ama: that's incredible. the study has helped other doings. however, researchers say the procedure would likely not benefit humans with final injuries. >> downtown san rafael has been transformed into a winter wonderland. families flocked to fourth street for the 33rd annual winter wonderland. self blocks were closed off, and sled. the snowmaking machine cranked out several tops of -- tons of
4:57 pm
snow. there were booths set up with sales and live entertainsment. the girl started to cry. the city doesn't sponsor the winter wonderland anymore. organizers turn to bank of america and target to help pay for the event. they have to find more sponsors to bring it back next year. that kid -- on the fence right there if he likes it or not. that's it for this edition of abc-7 news. thanks for joining us. college football is next, usc and notre dame. the, news alarm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> brent: you are looking live at the los angeles memorial

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